Hi! I am McKenna. I live in Charleston, SC. I currently work for a marketing agency called TargetMarket as a graphic designer. Before joining my current team I was a barista... big jump I know! In my free time I am probably still trying to get my hands on something creative whether it is on the computer, making prints with my at-home printmaking kit, or editing my bullet journal. I love to be outside. I am from Greenville, SC, a home to many mountains, but Charleston has also made me a beach gal. So whether it is hiking or being on the water... I am happy. I never can deny that I love getting invested into a good book, tv show, or movie. I am a 9 on the enneagram scale so I love keeping the peace. I love being organized, lighting a candle, diffusing oils, the morning time, and meeting over coffee. I am extremely sentimental dwelling on sweet memories, birthdays, and holidays. But I think this also just comes from my love of celebrating anything… especially my people! 

Anyways, enough about me? Who are YOU? I can’t wait to know!!!



I am straightforward but passionate, soft-spirited, but have boldness. I am honest, especially when I am creative. As I have gone through my life, I have realized one thing - I have always searched to have a voice. People find their voices in music, painting, drama, sports, photography, cooking, and so on. My voice was still unknown until I found graphic design, and I did not even have to speak. It speaks for itself. My designs unleash all of the things that I am, fleshing themselves out as brands, typography choices, texture, and color. I can choose typography and colors that are straightforward but passionate. I can turn a soft-spirited brand into something bold that catches the eye. I can take the strength of my creative voice and evoke a change through design that makes businesses come alive, consumers decide to buy, and messages be heard. 

Design in the solution to a problem.